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Kindred Spirits (似た者同士) [chemistry]

In the film of "There's something about Mary",
I found the following lines of Cameron Dias;
it came up soon after the scene of talking about
a movie titled "Harold & Maude":

The point is love isn't about money or social standing or age.
It's about 2 people connecting, having something in common.
You know, kindred spirits.

The "kindred spirits" is universally true.
Just as the line tells, if we had something in common,
we are apt to show interest to those we can share
the same things together.
Those something could be the factor
that would work to connect the two people.
Indeed we could feel at ease with those people
we can enjoy quality time together.
Just as Cameron says,
it would be true that the intimate relationship has nothing to do
with money or social standing or age.
But, it depends on the culture or individuals.

For some people or under some culture,
I'm informed that money doesn't speak.
On the other hand,
it does speak among some other people.
But, whichever the case it may be,
I would think that
it depends on the contents of the matter.
I have ever read about the case
among general French people in a book
that was written by a woman
through her actual abundant experiences
during her long years' life in Paris.
It was written that they do not seem to want it
if they find they cannot afford it.
It'll be a healthy way of thinking and a reasonable conduct.
Perhaps it would be no good to cry for the moon.
It wouldn't make sense.
Money is really not everything.
And when it comes to the matter of love, it certainly is true.
Love has nothing to do with money at its initial growing stage,
but it could probably have something to do as the time goes on,
depending upon the case.
The second item - social standing - will have nothing to do perhaps.
The third item - age - it depends.
It would be true speaking from the generals,
but when you proceed to particulars,
it could make another story sometimes.

I hear some exceptions elsewhere
but exceptions could be available anywhere.
It could be a matter of each individual.
Perhaps opinions and beliefs would vary
depending on the person or the culture that surrounds them.
In a sense, it would be true,
but in another sense, it might be off the point.
What is important is that
what the two of you reciprocally expect each other.
Quite likely that age doesn't matter in some cases
when happiness is purely sought by love.

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