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How to delay the progress of aging. [For "Smart" Aging]

This is just a memo for myself not to forget it,
because I'm apt to forget things so soon:

1) Aging is something caused by the oxidation
of body's cells as you grow older.
So, you should try to stop it if possible
or delay the oxidation of the cells.

2) I drink daily red wines that will contain
more polyphenol to suppress the oxidation
or to remove the active oxygen that will
cause the oxidation of cells. Polyphenol
will work at the same time to prevent
cancer, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer's
disease and hypertension, etc.
and will activate the metabolism.

3) Besides red wines, other foodstuffs
having such anti-oxidation effects should be
chosen to be taken as long as possible
and as in more variety as possible.

4) Physical exercise is important to retain
the function of muscles. So I walk daily for
about 90 minutes from Monday to Friday.

5) Having interest in various things by working
your curiosity is very important to stimulate
your brain. Brain will work actively on
something new or interesting to your brain.

So, getting new discovery will help to keep
your brain working. The reason why I learn
foreign languages is for this purpose.

A) Reading books and magazines might work
to make your brain or mental interest stimulated.
Just to save your time and energy to go to a books store,
this might help you:

B) It might be also fun to do this type's physical exercise
to make you fit to your desired figure:

Whatever you may do, being enjoyable to do it
is the key point that will make you keep on doing it.

Have a great day !

For "Smart" Aging ブログトップ