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陽気な冗談を飛ばそう [中身とタイミングが重要]

Let's crack some upbeat jokes ! でも現実は難しい。

Laughter makes us feel good.
Against interesting or amusing things,
we are apt to respond obediently.
So, if you can say something so amusing or funny,
it could help to work on the listeners to please them.
If you master such an art to make people laugh,
people will undoubtedly rush in to look for your company.

the fact is that it's not so easy
to make a sophisticated joke so often.
A nice joke most appropriate to the situation
cannot be made at the very right timing off the cuff.

Perhaps, you would need to prepare in advance,
just for the timing to be released in the air,
to get the best response from the people around you.

A big hit could be maybe hardly attainable,
without good preparation beforehand.
Also, it would need to focus on the very right moment,
with ready materials in hand just to expect a satsifactory result.

Let me introduce a nice line my friend made.
It was the line he spoke to a girl
while we were having drinks at a bar.
Perhaps, you could use it at somewhere else,
as if it were the one of your own.
If the target is right, I believe it should work:


Whatever you may do or say, it would be most favorable,
if such conduct or saying are done in a natural way.

However, the way to do it or to say it without purpose
would not help to work to give an electrifying impression
that could be strong enough to catch others' immediate attention.

Needless to say,
there might be something needed to give a result.
「Accidentally on purpose」 - such a high-leveled skill
must be acquired.
The jokes to be uttered must look
as if they were spoken impromptu
and the timing must be to the point.

A superb harmony between the jokes themselves
and the timing to be released should do the work.
The chance to give it best result
must be aimed at without fail.

Indeed 「accidentally on purpose」would be
a marvelous high-ranked soft technology
you would need time to master.

For me, it would be a future-oriented skill
I must do the research
for its perfect acquisition in the future.

I'm feeling like as if we were to launch a rocket
to explore the unknown world.


ps: If you want to gain the attention of your
prospective someone, make him/her/them
laugh with some witty line !

Occasions would be available in lots of

中身とタイミングが重要 ブログトップ