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The feature of Japanese (5) [blog]

People of Japan think that
they could be understood if they speak properly.

They have the sense that
they can understand mutually if they speak.

Certainly it would be true that they can deepen their recognition
as long as they speak between or among ordinary Japanese.

But, if it is not the case of with such ordinary Japanese,
I doubt if the same result could happen.

It would NOT be perhaps because of the problem of language.

Something that will exceed the difference of just language – maybe
it might be the difference of religion or the difference of religious sect
or the difference of culture giving the influence on their spiritual factor
or the difference of race or tribe or the difference of social structure
or the world they live – they might be hindering mutual understanding.

In particular, the difference relating to religion cannot be overcome with ease.

It is spoken that Japan is a country of a myriad of gods.
It is originally (in Japanese) expressed as a country of “eight million” of gods.
I don’t know who counted the number of gods in Japan.
I am not sure if really so many gods are in Japan.
Simply I have a vague image of so many gods who – I suppose –
should be involved in no quarreling matter.

On the other hand, how about the other worlds outside of Japan ?

Christianity, Judaism and Islam – these are all monotheism
which does not accept or tolerate other religion.
The oldest one having the longest history is Judaism
which has been since around BC 2,000 year.
Christianity has its origin from the Judaism.
Islam is from around AD 700.

The difference of religion, coupled with the difference of tribe or its culture,
as well as historical background which may differ each other will be
causing them unable to tolerate others.

Under such circumstances, it would be unlikely that
mutual talk will help to understand each other.

Looking at our short-distanced neighboring countries,
those who can mutually understand leaves us little weak impression.
On the other hand, those nations who exaggerate
[anti-Japan] on their immature mentality will stand out.

Korea – a country of grudge or resentment – is
totally a big liar as a country.

In the history, those who lived their life in the age of Japan’s annexation
were well conscious of the Japan’s contribution for the development
and modernization of Korea.

But, those who live in the present age are brain-washed
in their Korean way by their country and they hardly know
about the real facts of the past.

In the post-war age, Japanese people were also brain-washed by GHQ
under the command of Douglas MacArthur. Some odd resemblance
can be found between these 2 cases.

Indeed just as you find many Japanese of today
who do not know about the true Japanese history,
lots of Korean citizens nowadays believe incredible lies.

Under the circumstances, even if you try to speak to them
with true sincerity, they have no ears to listen to them.

They become hot in their sentiment and they look being unable
to listen calmly to people’s story.

No wonder for that because of the absence of their humbleness.
It is obvious that they cannot give solution to their problem
by just getting things discussed mutually.

Things will be same with Chinese people.
In their autocratic communist nation to be governed by their leader,
no human right is available because being not governed by law.

China is a multi-ethnic nation on the majority Han Chinese.
Because of too many population of over 1300,000,000,
it looks not easy to manage their nation and it is spoken that
they need to spend too huge amount of money for the control
of information within their nation.

So, they look to be holding lots of staffs for the information control,
just to cut off the unwanted information.

Most Communist Party members will line their own pockets illegally
on one hand. On the other hand, most of the workers are in poverty
and suffering social discrimination.

As a result, riot and disturbance look to be everyday occurrence.

It is told that Chinese themselves do not believe their country
and their other people. Those who believe in their family and
their close relative need to survive by fighting with others.

That’s why they have no idea to concede to others.
If they are tolerant to others, they cannot live in their Chinese society
because of too many people and too much competition.

Such Chinese who need to be selfish to survive cannot be nice to each other.
That’s why they will be the people who cannot behave themselves
and you will be unable to keep good company with them.

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